How To Dehydrate Food

Learn how to dehydrate food from home using a solar food dehydrator!

Whether you’re drying your garden bounty for the winter, preparing homemade backpacking meals, or making yummy snacks for your family, it’s simple with your Sunkeep Solar dehydrator! Many people prefer drying veggies to canning or freezing because they take up less space and have a much more intense flavor.

And you don’t have to grow your own to enjoy dehydrating! Frozen mixed vegetables, frozen corn and frozen peas from the grocery store all do great in a solar dehydrator.

The key to success with your dehydrator is to cut the fruit or vegetables into small, uniformly sized pieces. Veggies with a high water content (like tomatoes, summer squash and mushrooms) and most fruits will have a leathery consistency after they are dried. Other vegetables like peas, corn, carrots, onions and peppers are are crisp and crunchy when they come out of the dehydrator.

Fruit leather is one of the most fun things to make in your solar dehydrator. Simply puree the fruit, spread on parchment paper and put into the dehydrator. You can have lots of fun combining fruits and even making custom designs in your fruit leather! See our dried fruit recipe section for ideas!

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