Discover the benefits of drying food and using the Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator!

We offer our exclusive Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator with important features:

  • Uses solar power to dehydrate your food with no need for electricity!
  • Dehydrates vegetables, fruits, herbs, and meats
  • Can maintain temperatures, and be adjusted, between 90 and 160 F
  • Large capacity -18.4 square feet of dryer space with expansion kit available
  • Made of premium, high quality materials for long life.

Four sided absorber design creates even solar heating all through the day. Fresh air circulates through the drying trays for fast drying – about the same amount of time as an electric dryer. Add parchment paper over the screens to make fruit leather. The 4 shelf wire rack (48″ H x 48″ W x 14″ D) can be used for storing your dried food after dehydration.  Sunkeep cover can be easily folded away for storage when not in use.

Why Use the Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator?

  • Lowest cost per square foot of drying space
  • No electricity to pay for with each load
  • You can dry 1 trays worth or 32 trays worth of food for the same price – free!
  • Makes no noise and adds no heat your kitchen

Use the sturdy wire shelves that comes with the kit to hold your dried goods when not using the dehydrator.