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Dehydrating food is a great way to easily preserve your food in a way that can enhance its flavor and retain most of the vitamins and all of the minerals. Dehydrated fruit makes a great alternative to candy and their lightweight and dense nutrition make them a favorite with hikers.

Dehydrated snacks are healthy and tasty, but how do you make them without the drawbacks of an electric dehydrator? What do you do with one or two bananas that you want to preserve or the five bushels of apples you brought home? The Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator lets you preserve all of your items, whether the amount of food be small or large.

Using a solar dehydrator makes dehydrating snacks all the more sweet because…

  • Off the Grid! – Solar food dehydrators use NO ELECTRICITY. That saves you money and is great for the environment.
  • Any Size Fits! – You can dry 1 tray’s worth or 32 tray’s worth of food for the same price – free!
  • Quiet and Cool! – Unlike many electric models out there, our dehydrators makes no noise and adds no heat your kitchen

To fully understand why a Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator  is so convenient and leaps above the competition, let’s take a quick look at “other” types of dehydrators.

Types of Solar Dehydrators

Hanging Open Air Type

The temperature stays the same as surrounding air so works best in hot and dry climates.  The hanging open air method can be used to easily dry herbs.

•  Lightweight and easy to put up although not very sturdy
•  Inexpensive

•  To dry fruits the weather must be dry and warm for an extended period (days)
•  Not recommended for vegetables, jerkey, or fruit leather

Flat Plate Type (Do-it-Yourself Food Dehydrator or Purchased)

There are many varieties of these types of solar collectors. Many construction plans can be found on the Internet. They generally produce adequate heat to dry anything, including jerky. However the flat front design results in a short (less than 6 hours) period when the dehydrator is significantly hot.

•  Gets hot enough to dry fruits, vegetables, jerky and fruit leather
•  Inexpensive if you build it yourself and/or use found materials

•  Bulky, heavy, and does not store away easily
•  Direct sun exposure causes loss of vitamin A and vitamin C

Why you want a Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator… All the benefits without the Disadvantages!!!

The Sunkeep Food Dryer

The Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator has a lightweight design with solar absorbers on four sides and insulation in the back. Its unique design allows food to dehydrate steadily for 9 or more hours a day (depending on the season).

Obviously, we think the Sunkeep Solar Food Dehydrator is the best. But look for yourself. Here are some additional advantages you are going to want to know about…

•  Unique design allows for steady drying temperatures throughout the day
•  Can be used to dry fruits, vegetables, jerky and fruit leather
•  Can be used in any season (even winter) in any climate
•  Stores away easily when not being used
•  Large capacity
•  All FDA approved materials for food contact